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Holiday Shopping Tips

I just want to share some shopping tips to make everyone's experience just a little bit easier.
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North End Feature

North End is one of my favourite sneaky breweries. Their labels are unassuming and you could easily pass them up for a flashier brand. But that would be a gigantic mistake as the beer inside is world class.  
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Oktoberfest Season

Oktoberfest, the granddad (The Opa?) of beer festivals, has been held in Munich since 1810. 
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Our popular craft beer and gin advent calendars are back! | The Beer Library

Our popular craft beer and gin advent calendars are back!

Pre Order Your Calendar Our very popular craft beer advent calendars and gin advent calendars are back!  This year's beer calendar is choc full of exclusive beers.  No less than 25% of the beers in this year's calendar are being created specifically for us.  And with Wilderness - the best brewery in New Zealand - again providing us with one of our exclusive beers, you certainly won't want to miss out. Great holiday gifts for your loved ones, your self, or to share with friends and flatmates.  Pre order today and delivery begins Mid November.  Supplies are limited. Craft Beer Advent Calendar $199.99...

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New beers and a limited pre order offer.

The wave of newness continues with new beers at every turn.  The guys from Eddyline up in Nelson stopped in with their new IPA/Pale Ale 6-packs, Urbanaut launched their Beer Blenders - 2 different beers packaged together and designed for mixing - and of course there is new Behemoth. You can check it all out below the fold (keep scrolling down). What we're really stoked about though is the Oud Beersel Beer Boxes.  We're doing preorders on these until Noon tomorrow (Friday Aug 23).  So now's your last chance to get in on these before they're gone.  Only 10 boxes of each...

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Oud Beersel 'Bag in a Box' Lambics

We have something a bit different for you today.  Oud Beersel Brewery created a special bag-in-box format of their interesting lambics.  Each box contains 3.1L of beer (equivalent to about 8.3 standard demi bottles).
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