I just want to share some shopping tips to make everyone's experience just a little bit easier.

Order Early.  Yes, easier said than done, but if you at all can, get your shopping done early. Not only will the stores be less crowded, you're more likely to get the items you're looking for. We don't expect too many new beers coming out between now and Christmas so you won't be missing out on something by buying early, quite the opposite really.

Get it Delivered.  Skip the madness in the shops and order online. This one goes along with order early. We can ship across the country, but because couriers are busier than ever this time of year, it could take an extra day or two to get to you, so plan this in. We have been advised by Courier Post that orders made after end of business on December 19 may not make it in time for Christmas. If you're ordering from us, keep in mind you will need to sign for your package if it contains alcohol.

Order Online for Pickup.  If you're worried about delivery times, you can order online and pick it up in the shop. You can skip the bustle at the fridges, pass the queue, and just pop in for a minute to pick your order up from the shop.

Best time to shop.  Christmas Eve is by far our busiest day of the year. We're usually flat out between 11am and 2pm for the few days before Christmas so if it's possible for you to come at another time, you'll skip the crowds (relatively). To make it easier, we're open extended hours for the week leading up to Christmas.  


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