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Minerva Mexican craft beer bottles lying in a bed of malted barley.Mexico isn't usually the first place you think of when seeking out quality craft beers, but the country has a thriving beer scene initially influenced by their neighbours to the north but now developing their own profile. The state of Jalisco alone has 86 breweries, almost all of them founded in the last 10 years.

One of the few exceptions is the pioneer craft brewer in the state, Minerva. Founded in 2003 they have since become the most successful craft brewery in Mexico and influenced the development of the local scene in a state far more famous for its Tequila. We have a range of their beers in stock now.

Mexican brewing (and music) is heavily influenced by the German immigrants who came in the late 19th century. This, of course, led to the omnipotent international lagers such as Corona, but also the richer, more complex Vienna Lagers which are still popular in the country. One of my favourites of this style is Victoria Lager. The clear amber colour and white head will instantly remind any kiwi of bland brown lagers here, but Victoria brings a more complex bready and toasty malt character buffered by a mild hop bitterness and a clean finish. Certainly worth a try on taco night.

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