North End is one of my favourite sneaky breweries. Their labels are unassuming and you could easily pass them up for a flashier brand. But that would be a gigantic mistake as the beer inside is world class.  Over the last 5 years, North End has built up a wonderful collection of beers that mainly focus on European styles, but also covers the hot topics of American and Kiwi IPAs, Pilsners and kettle sours. 

From their Bamburg inspired smoked doppelbock, Pit Boss - using malt smoked in their BBQ pit - to a Flemish brown ale using yogurt as a souring culture, North End manages to tightrope between pure tradition and modern innovation.  We currently have a good range of their beers in stock, so give some a try this week.

In Store Tasting w/ Garage Project

Rachael from Garage Project will be in store this Friday (18/10/19) from 4-6 serving up samples of Crisp Beer and Beer Crisps so pop on in for a snack and some beer.

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