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Saison Zest



Craftwork Saison Zest is the farmhouse ale made in the French speaking, Wallonian province of Belgium. Traditionally it was a refresher for tired and thirsty farm labourers. 

Saison Zest is a modern interpretation, a stronger full flavoured brew. Orange of hue with a big rocky head, aged for two months in the bottle. We've chosen a simple grain bill that showcases Gladfield's superb malts and added Orange Zest.

Paired with floral and citrusy hops, our saison yeast imparts massive character and a dry finish. We believe Zest will refresh and sustain the farm worker or office shirker. Enjoy in moderation, it's stronger than it seems!

Unfiltered and unpasteurised in the traditional manner, for full flavour.

Serve at cellar temperature: 8- 12̴c in a goblet

Organic Pilsner malt, candi sugar and orange zest,

Crystal malts, hops, yeast water. Vegan.

6.5% ABV