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Vignamorello Gutturnio Superiore DOC

La Tosa


 Still red textured wine, arises from the cru Gutturnio , the vineyard Morello, site location high , with north- south. Every year here is done thinning of the bunches and harvesting the grapes to mature age. These are the main reasons for the difference between the Terredella Tosa and Vignamorello : a difference of structure , maturity , depth and longevity. In addition, the stop Vignamorello wood , for a few months . All this , to obtain a concentrated wine and important, but the approach immediately, grape reflected in the serenity that emanates from green hills of the area.

Technical information

Grapes: Barbera 55-60 % , 40-45 % Croatina (Bonarda)

Vineyard: Morello

 Soil: clay, silt-like soil (ancient red earth), not very fertil.

Altitude: 200-210 meters s.l.m.

Years after planting : 1980 50 % 1983 30% 2000 20 %

Training system : Guyot 70% , 30 % Casarsa

Yield per hectare: 3300 80 % 5000 20%

Harvest: end of September - early October

Vinification: maceration time on the skins for 12-15 days ; fermentation temperature 28-30 ° C, no fining and filtration: bottling about 10 months after the harvest

Ageing: in barrels 1 and 2 years 6 months

First year of production : 1988

Average annual production : 12.000 bottles


Colour: consistent dark purple red.

Bouquet: intense and complex, it releases an explosion of aromatic herbs, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, notes of resin, graphite, then a riot of young fruits, cherry, strawberry, blueberry and rose petals in the background.

Taste: intense, deeply mineral, oriented to a soft and fresh development. Long finish that brings back the spicy notes.

Prizes and awards 

2015 - Tastevin AIS