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Traditional English Ales Gift Box



A set of four traditional English ales in a gift box makes the perfect gift.

Legend has that the Brits were drinking beer when the Romans arrived in 54BC, and they've never stopped.  Beer consumption in the UK peaked in the Middle Ages as , do to the boiling of the wort before fermentation, it was safer than drinking water!

Needless to say, there's been a lot of practice over the centuries. 

They've invented and perfected the Bitter, Golden Ale, English IPA, English Porter, British Brown, Scottish Heavy, Irish Stout, Tropical Stout, Old Ale, Wee Heavy, English Barley Wine... we could go on.  Instead why not find out for yourself?

Renowned for their rich malts, caramel sweetness and subtle hops British beers are a taste sensation.  We've brought together a collection of True English Ales from some of Britain's best breweries so you can experience history yourself.