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Tawny Single Malt Whisky



Single malt whisky made from local brewers' barley and matured in Australian tawny fortified wine barrels. Each barrel was a smaller 100L octave size which provides an extra
full- bodied flavour. Just like Port, Tawny is a fortified wine that's decadent, rich and easy- drinking. We wanted this exact character for our Tawny whisky. Something that's a real occasion drink. A straight-sipper for those after-dinner moments that stretch luxuriously into the night.

NOSE: Bright tropical and orchard fruits, caramel and vanilla.
PALATE: Toasty caramel and creme brûlée, banana, figs and sweet spice.
FINISH: Juicy and full with a lingering dry spice.

48.0% ABV