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Prior 8

St. Bernardus


Aroma is subtely malty with hints of roasted coffee beans. Color is a deep, opaque, chocolate brown with a quickly dissipating head. Taste is sweet. The body is medium. Lively carbonation characterized by very fine bubbles. Finish is sweet and long.

The St Bernard brewery created this wonderful brew and proudly presents this product at our online store. St Bernardus Prior 8 is brown coloured and has quite a full and creamy head. This glorious craft beer has a beautiful body and a wonderful aroma.

The St Bernardus abbey is maybe one of the most famous Belgian abbeys. A few centuries ago they started brewing these glorious beers. This Prior 8 beer is top fermented and richly coloured. We advise you to serve this delightful beer at 8 to 12°C.

8.0% ABV