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Repeat Offender Dry Cider

Scoundrels and Rogues


Scoundrals & Rogues

Dry, it's good for a sense of humour, it's good for an armpit, and now it's also good for a cider. ̴Ì_This cider was made by the most irrepressible Scoundrals and Rogues in North Canterbury. ̴Ì_It was fermented in old barrels and aged a year prior to bottling. ̴Ì_While some dry ciders can have a piercing acidity that can send a shiver down your spine, the aging process in this cider has created a mellow complex palate that balances the acidity with the flavour. ̴Ì_It's designed to be drinkable enough to convince you that being a repeat offender isn't a bad thing.

This cider is dry and funky, but you'll get over it.

8.5% ABV