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New Zealand Premium Gin

Dr. Beak


Dr. Beak New Zealand Premium Gin is a bold, juniper-forward gin, bursting with flavour and complexity. This small-batch gin reveals spice and earthy notes, with lifted citrus and lavender to brighten the palate, which is rounded out by a touch of umami. Using thirteen botanicals and bottled at 48%.  
Like the Kea that adorns the label - this is our bold and cheeky expression of a London Dry gin.  

This unique blend of thirteen hand-selected botanicals includes: 

Junipers - Macedonian hand foraged
Organic Chamomile
 - Egypt
 - Hawkes Bay
Coriander seed
 - Hawkes Bay
 - Blenheim
 - Blenheim
 - Blenheim
Bay leaf
 - Blenheim
Wild Horopito
 - Ohakune
Orris Root
 - Hawkes Bay
Lemon Verbena
 - Canterbury
 - Martinborough
Organic Kelp - Canterbury 

We have chosen these botanicals, not only for their bold flavours, but, as previously mentioned, for the fact we can grow them all here in New Zealand. Currently eleven of our thirteen botanicals are proudly grown here in NZ and 5% of profits from this gin will be gifted to our friends at Forest and Bird.