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Mein Alkoholfrei Tap 3



Schneider Weisse was founded in the Kelheim region of Germany in the 19th century and is renowned across the world for instigating the revival of the wheat beer following King Ludwig’s discontinuation of the style due to poor sales. Going from strength to strength, Schneider Weisse today is in the 6th generation of the Schneider family, but still retains the passion and creativity from more than 200 years ago. They produce several beers or ‘taps’ as they are known and this one in particular, the ‘Tap 3’, is their alcohol free.

The Tap 3 Mein Alkoholfrei has been brewed since 2002 and is a top fermented wheat beer with a white, persisting head. It contains less than 0.5% alcohol, which is the level needed to be classed as an alcohol free in Germany. This is amber red in colour with light caramel and banana notes coming from the malts on the palate. The isotonic thirst quencher is made using Halletauer and Tradition hops and is ideal for refreshment after a long day. A low alcohol and low calorie beer with all the taste and none of the guilt.