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Local Folk & Smoke


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Limited Edition Single Cask Single Malt

Local Folk & Smoke is made from 100% NZ grown malted barley, smoked using native Manuka wood, double distilled using our hand-beaten copper pot stills, and matured in an ex-Pinot Noir NZ red wine cask. There are just 127 bottles available. Our message with this bottling is “support local”.

In choosing to buy this unique whisky customers are supporting an ecosystem of NZ businesses;
The farmers who grew the malted barley
The maltsters who processed and smoked it
The craft brewers who brewed the wash
The bottlers who handled the liquid with care
The designer who expressed the concept
The label and packaging makers
The shop who got behind it
And us, the Thomson Whisky Distillery, who distilled it, matured it, and brought it to life. This whisky is a celebration of Local Folk.
Your support touches all of us.

Tasting Notes:
Soft caramelised fruit, prunes, and coastal salt notes. A wave of stewed fruit reduction, building to a mild smoke and savoury mid palate. An oily and slightly smoky finish.

Product specs:
Limited edition: 127 bottles only.
Cask: French Oak ex-Pinot Noir NZ red wine cask.
Malt: Manuka Smoke malt, 100% NZ grown.
Packaging: Gift box with silver banner. Hand numbered label.
Size: 700mls

ABV: 46%