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La Trappe Bockbier

La Trappe


La Trappe Bock beer is an all-malt, multigrain Bock beer that undergoes secondary fermentation. La Trappe Bock beer is the only Trappist Bock beer in the world. It is brewed with nothing but natural ingredients and goes through a light secondary fermentation in the bottle. This unique seasonal product has a deep-red colour, a very rich taste and malty aroma. The aromatic hop types and beautiful roasted malt types give it a pleasant bitterness that surprisingly melts together with the light-sweet undertone. All these characteristics make La Trappe Bock beer a wonderful beer that caresses all the senses.

7.0% ABV

Colour: Chestnut-coloured with a yellowish head.

Aroma: Typical aromas of roasted malt, coffee and nuts.

Taste: This unique seasonal ale has a dry, smoked, herbal taste and vigorous bitterness that surprisingly merge with the undertone of liquorice.

Aftertaste: Bitter-sweet, long-retaining dry aftertaste of roasted coffee.

Features: The only Trappist Bock ale in the world
Ingredients: water, malted barley (pale, caramel, Munich, roast), malted wheat, glucose syrup, hop, yeast
Colour: 100 EBC
Bitterness : 38 EBU
Shelf life:

36 months (bottle)


*Beer glass not included