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10 Year Tawny Port



Graham's - 200mL bottle̴Ì_

The Tawny is a very fine Graham's Aged Tawny. Matured for an average of seven to nine years in seasoned oak casks, this is Graham's Master Blender's personal interpretation of a fine, old, wood-matured Port. It is for those who seek a rewarding experience from a well-aged Tawny Port. This younger style of aged Tawny Port preserves some of the grapes' ripe fruit flavours and tannins, which are complemented by the added complexity achieved by almost a decade of aging in oak.

Charles Symington, Graham's Master Blender, includes in The Tawny some wines that are considerably older so that The Tawny possesses more of the distinctive characteristics of long aging in oak casks.

Colour: Deep golden-amber.

Aromas: Complex orange peel and cinnamon aromas, prunes, raisins and figs. A full and generous flavour, with a long, clean finish.

Occasions & Pairing: Perfect match with almond tart or críÂme brÌÎÌölí©e; or on its own, as a fine after lunch or dinner wine or even as an aperitif.

Serve slightly chilled.

20% ABV