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Ginarte is the Italian premium gin dedicated to the art world.

A refined gin with a unique flavor produced with 13 selected botanicals.

The juniper berries, strictly picked in Tuscany, are infused in pure wheat alcohol at 65% and then distilled in vacuum discontinuous alembic, because the vacuum reduces the boiling point of the infusion ito preserve the more delicate aromas.

Together with juniper, we selected plants that have a particular link with art. Elements such as the Calamint, safflower, mignonette, rubia and indigo were in fact used for the creation of colored pigments by the most important Renaissance painters,

In addition, herbs such as angelica, lavender, hibiscus, elder flowers, pine buds, mountain pine and pine needles complete the botanicals and contribute to produce a clean and complex gin at the same time.

Both these elements and the herbs inspired by the art are infused in two separate batches in pure 55% wheat alcohol, then distilled in a small discontinuous non-vacuum alembic still to maintain the aromatic components of all ingredients.

The distillates of the three infusions are then mixed together and left to rest for a few days, before adding pure water of glacial origin and bringing the alcohol content to 44%.

At this point, a low temperature filtration (-7 ° C) is carried out through panels of pure cellulose which aim at retaining any oily parts still present in the mixture of the three distillates.52.17