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Sacred Spring Dry Gin

Dancing Sands


Dancing Sands Distillery

Sourced from the aquifer that feeds the clearest spring in the world, our gin is double distilled and vapor infused with 8 carefully selected botanicals. The Manuka leaves are picked fresh from our distiller's farm. Our methods hope to deliver a classic, timeless gin with a contemporary New Zealand twist. Nature's finest. Pure and simple.

Our water is drawn from the aquifier that feeds Golden Bay's Te Waikoropupu Springs (The Place of the Dancing Sands), the clearest spring in the world, which has an optical clarity measured to 63 metres.

A highly aromatic nose, bursting with green manuka leaves and juniper. Balanced on the palate, fragrant undertones of cardamom and Indian spices with a long liquourice tail. Crafted to challenge the gin aficionado.

Each botantical is ground by hand with a mortar and pestle and then soaked. The soaking process hydrates the roots, seeds, berries, and leaves to maximise the flavour output. After the hydration is complete, the botanticals are placed in custom made copper gin basket. We use a 150 litre Jacob Carl copper still. Each still is made of hand beaten copper. Ours was made in 1986 in Coppenhagen before being shipped to New Zealand. It is a classic still that requires care and attention to every detail during distillation. Modern stills automate much of the process. We prefer to operate by hand, smell, and taste. The size of our still means that we only produce small batch runs.