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Chartreuse M.O.F.



This liquor was developed by the great charter-house monks as a Cuvée from their aged collection in close collaboration with nine prize-winning French sommeliers: David Biraud, Arnaud Chambost, Laurant Derhe, Eric Duret, John Euvrard, Christian Péchoutre, Fabrice Sommier, Christophe Tassan and Franck Thomas.

The colour of this liqueur is more similar to the yellow Chartreuse Jaune than the green Chartreuse Verte and possesses a fine emerald glow. The bouquet is intense, and develops progressively toward a warm finish. Aromas of gentian, ginger and mango remain long on the palate; then candied citrus fruits enter the picture, until finally a volatile menthol, fennel and licorice arrangement appear. The mouth is flattered by a warm and harmonically rich flavor sensation, all the way until and throughout the glorious, fresh finale.

Chartreuse M.O.F. contains 45% ABV, and should be consumed at a temperature of about 5 or 6 degrees Celsius.