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London Dry Gin




Boodles Gin is a proper British gin. Distilled, manufactured and bottled entirely in the UK. It is named for an exclusive 250 year old private and prestigious London gentleman‰ۡó»s club, which has a long and illustrious history and famous members included Winston Churchill and Ian Fleming. The club is located in St James Street and is the bastion of British heritage and luxury with Boodles Gin known to be one of the most reputable gins of the club. Boodles is a name that is delightful to say, highly memorable and sounds unmistakably British. A revitalisation of the brand when Proximo acquired Boodles Gin was in the form of the iconic Keep Calm posters which serve as inspiration and identity for Boodles Gin and gives it an unmistakably British and decidedly proper look that can be appreciated globally. Subtle texture on the labels, silver foil accents, deep embossing, and metallic caps all reinforce that Boodles Gin is cut from the finest cloth. Boodles Gin is the epitome of proper. The Boodles drinker values authentic British premium goods and more importantly, is the authority on proper British lifestyle.


Every batch of Boodles Gin is made with labour and patience. Boodles Gin is distilled using English wheat, spring water with nine botanicals and herbs sourced from the finest growers around the world. Its unique ingredients include nutmeg, sage and rosemary which add a mellow but herbal quality and balances out the essential piney notes from the juniper. The liquid is then redistilled in a Carter Head copper still, which allows the botanicals to infuse gradually into the spirit. Interestingly, Boodles Gin contains no citrus botanicals - a practical decision made by the original distillers who expected a proper drink to include a slice of lemon or lime.



NOSE: Fresh citrus, juniper

TASTE: Well-balanced herbal and spice flavours, with notes of rosemary,nutmeg and coriander

FINISH: Warm and clean



By far the most popular gin cocktail, a gin and tonic is the classic way to drink a proper London Dry. Boodles is perfectly suited to this drink due to its perfectly well-balanced flavour.


Boodles of Arabia

GLASS: Highball

GARNISH: Muddled date

METHOD: Gently muddle a plump date in a cocktail shaker with one part Boodles Gin and two parts tonic. Pour the precious liquid into an oasis of shaved ice and serve immediately to enjoy this shimmering mirage.