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Bersalis Sour Blend Grand Cru

Oud Beersel

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For those moments when you’d like something special in your Tripel, we’ve selected a particular batch of expressive, fruity Lambic, with just enough character to enhance our award-winning Bersalis Tripel.

The result: Bersalis Sourblend Grand Cru.
This new beer is 8% ABV, and brings a touch of Lambic into the robust profile of our Bersalis Tripel.

Serve at: 8°C – 12°C
Ingredients: water, wheat malt & barley malt, wheat, hops, yeast, spices
Alc.: 8,0% ABV
Colour: blonde
Aroma: a combination of the spicy character of Bersalis Tripel and ripe fruit with notes of pear, banana and green apple.
Flavor: refreshing and full-bodied beer with the taste of ripe fruit supported by an underlying sourness of Lambic with a punch.