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Amaro Montenegro Liqueur



Amaro Montenegros tale began over 130 years ago with a rather unusual twist. Stanislao Cobianchi was a noble citizen of Bologna, destined for an ecclesial career; when one day, he went against his parents wishes and left home in the spirit of adventure.

He traveled with unashamed irreverence, learning, exploring and most importantly, tasting all that the world had to offer. His journey took him to the Balkans, where he experienced a vibrant melting pot of cultures and ideas. He returned to his hometown filled with inspiration, opening a distillery and pioneering an amaro that perfectly balances bitter and sweet flavors. Making a grand gesture, Stanislao dedicated the name to Princess Elena of Montenegro.

Tawny with golden highlights.
Fresh fruit mixes with bitter-sweet spices.

Starting off with a rich caramel sweetness, before developing a full-bodied bitter spice finish.

23.0% ABV