Persistent High

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Altitude Persistent High

Inspired by a trip to the continent of great beer, I wanted to give something back to those that have perfected the art of brewing over the centuries. A Hefeweizen, is a traditional Bavarian wheat beer. Our take is true to its origins with large additions of strongly favoured malts such as Munich and Abbey.

This mix stacks the beer with a distinct Euro favour and delivers that authentic frothy head. We then go a bit off-road by fermenting with a Belgian wheat yeast that balances the esters from the wheat with a bit of funk. The finished beer is un-fined and un-filtered, so shake it gently for your cloudy drinking pleasure.


Dry characterful malts, bit of fruit cake and a tingly finish.

Hops: Pacific Jade, Pacifica, Motueka, Nelson Sauvin
Malt: Wheat, Pilsner, Abbey, Munich
IBU: 9
EBC: 9
ABV: 4.9%