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Goldpanners Profit



Altitude Goldpanners Profit

Lighter in alcohol yet still full of flavour, this NZ lager is named after the local legends that once toiled for years in the heat looking for gold. Built in a straightforward style but with obvious quality, this beer is appreciated by the hot and bothered as well as 5-star beer geeks. A blend of several malts that deliver a clean, yet flavourful, beer.

After many trials, we discovered that using a tolerant ale yeast and fermenting with very cold temperatures could retain the clean and dry Lager style with the added benefit of greater aroma and flavour. Much more interesting than a standard Lager but still super refreshing.



Dry, clean bitterness finish with a malty edge.

Hops: Southern Cross, Motueka
Malt: Lager, Crystal, Vienna, Acid

IBU: 15
EBC: 8
ABV: 4.4%