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The Cursed Fresh Hop Sauvin NZIPA

Double Vision


One Year after Dr. Green released ‘It’s Alive’ across NZ, a global disturbance has occurred. When bringing the hops up to Wellington to create another masterpiece, Covid 19 Virus went to level 3, soon to be 4, stranding the hops and leaving them to die. Unknowingly, the team drove down, got the hops and risked not returning before quarantine... The hops were sent up across the ferry and the team had to fly home or be stranded for months... Though the hops made it in record time, some say this brew is Cursed!!

Flavours: Huge notes of FRESH Nelson Sauvin, about 100kgs. Bringing Goosberry and tropical flavours with a solid but smooth malt profile to match.

6.7% ABV