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Yeastie Boys


Yeastie Boys and Gladstone Vineyard launch a unique beer and wine collaboration in support of the Arts Foundation. Pushmi-Pullyu gives a nod to Dr Doolittle‰ۡó»s two-headed creature and encourages New Zealanders to see wine and beer in a new light, as both creative, interchangeable and unique. Pullyu is a strong (yet nuanced and delicate) white ale that returns to the concept of our 2014 Spoonbender series. To create this beer, we‰ۡó»ve taken some of Gladstone Vineyard‰ۡó»s ‰ۡÌÝÌáPushmi‰ۡó» white wine, and produced a candi sugar for use alongside the malts and hops. It will make a perfect aperitif... Look for subtle spice and white wine notes on the nose, which integrate with the soft cereal breadth across the palate, with a very gentle cleansing finish.


7.0% ABV