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Brouwerij Brasserie Vichtenaar

‰ÛÏVichtenaar‰۝ is a beer, brewed with roasted malts, spicey hops, fruity yeast and soft water, pumped up from a 172 m deep well, guaranteeing constant quality and pureness of the liquor. After primary and secondary lagering, ‰ÛÏVichtenaar‰۝ gets a ternary fermentation in oak vessels during 8 months. These oak pipes are big tuns with a capacity varying between 500 and 2500 hectolitres. ‰ÛÏVichtenaar‰۝ is a traditional and specific Western Flemish beer, from the northwest of Belgium. Its taste can be described as mild-sourish and suitably complex, thanks to the long lagering on oak. This tart flavour makes it eminently suitable for the hot summer months. ‰ÛÏVichtenaar‰۝ is one of the last Flemish ‰ÛÏOud bruins‰۝ that are really lagered in the oak tuns, and are as such appreciated by the connoisseur, looking for authenticity. As early as 1958 ‰ÛÏVichtenaar‰۝ was crowned as the top in an international concours in Gent.

5.1% ABV