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Donelans 2XE



Very EnglishåÊbut with aåÊNZ twist

WHO IS DOUG DONELAN? He‰۪s the guy you talk to for sage-like advise on the subject of hops. As CEO of NZHops he holds the keys to the brewer‰۪s hop filled toy chest. Doug is one of those guys who has been passionately involved in the brewing racket for decades. As a home brewer, a beer traveller, head brewer, then product development with Lion-Nathan... Doug talks beer language with the best of us.

The 2xE is having a bit of a laugh at a rather ordinary beer that has it‰۪s heritage in Mangatainoka. The only thing similar is the colour. A true session ale with enjoyable NZ Gladfield Malt and a healthy heaping of Mr Donelan's special NZ Wi-iti hops. We have brewed this to be very English but with an NZ twist you won‰۪t find in a 12 pack slab.

Abv: 3.7%