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The Best Beer in the World

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What‰ۡó»s the best beer you‰ۡó»ve ever tasted? What‰ۡó»s your favorite beer? Where can I drink your ultimate brew? These are questions that beer writer Mark Dredge is always being asked. And he doesn‰ۡó»t have an answer‰ۡÌÝ_ yet. This is his search for the world‰ۡó»s best beer. Part city guide, part travelogue, and part reference book,̴Ì_The Best Beer in the World̴Ì_takes you on a journey through North and South America, Europe, Asia, and further afield in search of the essential bars and breweries, immersing you in the history and beer culture of each region and highlighting the key beers to try. Alongside this are the quintessential beer experiences from all four corners of the globe‰ۡÌÝÌÒwhether that‰ۡó»s searching for the best IPAs California has to offer, celebrating Oktoberfest in Brazil, downing fresh Bia Hoi on a scorching day in Hanoi, or heading to Prague to drink unfiltered pilsner from the world‰ۡó»s first lager brewery. So if you want to read interviews from London‰ۡó»s best new craft brewers, see illustrated maps of the finest watering holes in Melbourne, understand the science of taste, unlock the secrets of beer nirvana in Portland, find out where the world‰ۡó»s biggest beer festivals are, or simply where to go for a perfect pint of Guinness in Dublin, all is explained here, along with the all-important answer to the question: what is̴Ì_The Best Beer in the World?

ISBN: 978-1-909313-71-2

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