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The Alligator Man





An experiment with a new yeast strain turns monstrous!

The Alligator Man is the first beer to emerge from our experiments cultivating a Vermont yeast strain; a 9.2% Double IPA packed with Citra, Mosaic, and Rakau. Big and juicy, this is the kind of IPA this strain was made for. The aroma alone will get you salivating, with tropical fruit, ripe mango, apricot and orangey citrus. On the palate, big mouthfeel, citrus, and resin, with a bit of alcohol warmth in the finish.̴Ì_

The Vermont yeast delivers body and a unique fruits ester profile with hints of apricot. Also not very floculent so a bit of a characteristic haze but not too much. Good to have a little yeast in suspension though as it helps carry the flavour.

9.2% ABV