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Sleeping Lemons Gin

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This Gin has been created by The Wild Beer Co in collaboration with Psychopomp microdistillery. It's been directly inspired by our Sleeping Lemons beer and the flavour of the preserved lemons that are added to it.



Bowl of lemon sorbet on an English beach


Light, bright and enlivening with delicate notes of lemon and pine.


Sleeping Lemons Gin is crisp and refreshing with a slight lingering salinity from the brine tincture.


We have incorporated the summery taste of our preserved lemon beer (Sleeping Lemons) into our gin.
The botanical mix is steeped overnight in a British wheat-based spirit and distilled the following day. The undiluted spirit/gin rests overnight and on the third day it is diluted down to 40% ABV using filtered water and intense liquor consisting of caper brine, citric acid, sugar and salt.

Perfect Serve:
Sleeping Lemons Gin is a perfect sunshine sipping gin, poured over ice with a twist of Lemon. However, there are a number of cocktails that really let our Gin really shine.

Roe Buck- Fill a glass 2/3 with ice, and then add 50ml of Sleeping Lemons Gin. Pour in 1 bottle of Fever Tree Ginger Ale and stir. Garnish with a lemon rind twirl.

Wild Clement- Pour into a flute glass - 25ml Aperol, 25ml of Sleeping Lemons Gin, 15ml Lemon juice, 15ml Gomme, dash of Angostura bitters. Top with Prosecco.