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Black Robin Rare Gin

Simply Pure


Black Robin Gin is an international award winning super premium gin that is hand crafted in New Zealand.


Derived from whey, Black Robin Gin is batch distilled 5 times in a copper reflux still and infused with a combination of 10 exotic botanicals and locally sourced horopito, one of the world's most ancient flowering plants.


Sourced from a nearby spring, Black Robin Gin is blended with pristine NZ spring water that is filtered 5 times and UV treated. There are no additives, sugars, softeners or preservatives in this pure gin.


With a spicy citrus flavour, Black Robin Gin offers an exceptional delicacy and balance that creates a mellow texture and a refreshing fragrance that is both elegant and refined. A truly rare gin.


Black Robin Rare Gin is inspired by the endangered and extremely rare black robin (Petroica traversi) native only to the remote Chatham Islands, a percentage of profits from each bottle sold goes to support Forest & Bird to help protect NZ's native species and wild spaces.