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Aventinus Eisbock



Stronger than strong. Powerful aromas and an intense flavor.

Mahogany, nearly black Eisbock. The aroma reminds of ripe plums with a hint of bitter almonds and marzipan displaying strong characteristics of banana and clove. It is full and warming on your palate. The ideal digestive after a great dish.

Food recommendation: Crepes Suzettes, Profiteroles with dark chocolate sauce, Tiramisu, fully ripe Parmesan.

Aventinus Eisbock is a class by its own. Legend has it that Aventinus barrels froze during transport in cold winter days. Brewers tasted the liquid that had remained unfrozen and were most deligthed. As the water freezes before the alcohol, what remains is a concentrated Aventinus concentrated in aroma and in alcohol. We can offer this delight at any time of the year.


Hallertauer Tradition and Magnum


60 % wheat malt,
40 % barley malt
from the region of Kelheim


Bottle and keg fermentation




7 g/l


12,0 % vol. alc.

Orig. gravity

25,5 %

Brewed since 2002