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Reeferendum & Chronic Dank Bundle



Two each of Behemoth Reeferendum and Derelict Chronic for a dank combo of IPA and stout.

Reeferendum Hazy IPA 440ml Can x2
Brewed for the NZ IPA Challenge 2020 at Smiths Craft Bar Queenstown, New Zealand. Hazy IPA brewed with new season Nelson Sauvin, Riwaka, Hort 4337 and Motueka and with a touch of hemp from Hempfarm New Zealand.
6.9% ABV

Chronic East Coast Stout 500ml Bottle x2
We loaded this beer full of delicious Gladfields specialty and roasted malts.  Heaps of tasty Mosaic, Sabro, and Columbus hops.  All fermented together with a juicy blend of kveik yeast.
7.8% ABV