Pro Tap System

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This pro tap system is the ultimate way to pressure dispense beer from your riggers.  Oxygen is the enemy of good beer.  Even putting a half empty rigger back in the fridge for finishing the next day will make your beer taste stale and flat.  This system ensures your beer stays fresh longer by dispensing your beer with 16g CO2 canisters.

This system differs from our Party Tap system in that it includes a professional quality tap faucet (the same type you find at bars) and a CO2 regulator to ensure your beer stays carbonated at the perfect level.

Fits all our ChinChiller Riggers as well as most of the 'keg style' riggers sold at various venues around town.

Also available is the Party Tap System which includes a picnic tap and no regulator for a more budget option.

Comes with three 16g food grade CO2 gas canisters.

Rigger keg sold separately.

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