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Reserve Cider

Paynter's Cider


Paynter's Reserve Cider

"At Paynter‰ۡó»s Cider we‰ۡó»re trying to make the best cider in New Zealand and one day, the best cider in the world. Our wine industry has already proven that‰ۡó»s possible. In Hawke‰ۡó»s Bay we have a wonderful climate, rich fertile soils and abundant water ‰ۡÌÝÌÕ it‰ۡó»s apple growing paradise. We know we can grow the best apples, so why can‰ۡó»t we make the best cider?

Great cider can‰ۡó»t be made in 6 weeks, like some commercial guys do. It needs at least 6 months in the bottle, and a year is better still.

Try Paynter‰ۡó»s Cider and let us know how we‰ۡó»re going."

6.0% ABV