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Such Great Heights

Outlier Cartel


Outlier Cartel

I've got this massive crate of Zuckermelonen,̴Ì_
whatever shall we do with them?', Carmichael pondered.̴Ì_

'Let's make the happiest beer in the world!' Herbie squeed with delight.̴Ì_

'How does one make such a happy beverage?' asked Carmichael. Herbie pointed to the towering diving platform with a devilish glint in his eye. With great aplomb, Herbie released the cantaloupes from such great heights which produced an explosion of ripe, orangey jumble of fruity bits below.̴Ì_

Carmichael followed each descent with his looking glass until it's deep, gratifying thud to the earth. With great glee he thought, 'Now I know how to make the happiest beer in the world!'̴Ì_

Enjoy Herbie & Carmichael's offbeat creation: a refreshing and sessionable fruited beer.

4.5% ABV