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North End


North End - Salt & Wood Blanco


At first glance there doesn‰ۡó»t seem to be much in common between Andalusia in the south of Spain and Waikanae.̴Ì_ However inside a number of our barrels the spirit of Spanish sherry production is alive and well. Blanco is a sour ale fermented with sherry flor and aged in barrels that once held̴Ì_̴Ì_ Pedro Ximenez sherry. Elegant, tart, dry and yet also rich, we think Blanco is the perfect tapas beer.

Tasting Notes:
Orchard fruit, gooseberry , granny smith apple ,̴Ì_ white peach , fino sherry and a tart finish.

Food Matches:
Fresh goats cheese , jamon, olives, sourdough bread, anchovies.̴Ì_

Grist: NZ Pilsner Malt, Wheat Malt, Oats.
Hops: Aged Pacific Jade, Aged NZ Styrian Golding
Yeast: Sherry flor, saccharomyces, brettanomyces , lactobacillus, ̴Ì_pediococcus.