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Surf Spot




The theme for Taranaki SOBA Brewcomp 2016 was "a uniquely Taranaki angle, story or ingredient". ̴Ì_The winning beer was this one, brewed by Ayden and Luke, collectively known as 14Ninety Brewing. ̴Ì_The name & unique ingredient pay homage to a secret surf spot on the wild Taranaki coast, protected on one side by the break itself, to the north by the legendary spirited islands and from the land by a fierce web of ruthless Blackberry vines. ̴Ì_At just the right time there are added regards for braving the vines, but the more likely outcome is normally a ruined wetsuit. ̴Ì_Ayden and Luke collaborated on the full scale brew with the team at mike's. ̴Ì_The sponsored brew is launched each year at mike's Oktoberfest.

5.7% ABV