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Naked Apple Cider




Everyone's Summer memories are different, but no matter which end of the country you're from, if you viseted the beach or the crib, remember hibiscus flowers or sand flies, some bits are the same for all of us. ̴Ì_Those sweet as endless Summer days wearing jandals and your togs for ever, doing the helter skelter dash over the hot sand to get to the water. ̴Ì_Ice-cream melting and dripping down your cone. ̴Ì_Uncle Dave and his scary stubbies. ̴Ì_Here's to making more summer memories with a crisp, refreshing apple cider that tastes like .... apples.

Enjoy in a tall glass over ice, or straight out of the chilly bin, a serve of summer in every can.

5.0% ABV