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Sour Red

La Sirene


La SiríÂne‰ۡó»s Sour Red (6.0% ABV) ̴Ì_is a rustic hybrid ale brewed using age-old brewing techniques with modern innovation. Naturally soured using resident lactobacillus bacteria, this sour red ale is comprised of 5 specialty Belgian grains along with fresh organic rose petals and hibiscus to provide a provincial farmhouse style sour red ale experience.

Our Sour Red displays a bright red hue amongst a darker backdrop that pours with a delightful rocky off-white head.̴Ì_

Aroma Profile:̴Ì_̴Ì_Strong stone fruits such as nectarines & plums dominate along with high floral notes of rose and raspberries.̴Ì_Palate:̴Ì_ Naturally soured to give a bracing acidity and displays sweet red fruit characters initially with sweet floral tones rounded out with a generous mouthfeel and complimentary malt character. Highly tart and super refreshing by its very nature, the hibiscus & rose petals gives this beer a pronounced floral yet bright finish with a lingering acidity.