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Kiwi Brewed Flanders Red Pack



Four different Flanders Red style beers from four different Kiwi brewers.  

1x Emporium Theoderic (Kaikoura) 375ml
Theoderic, otherwise known as Thierry of Alsace, the count of Flanders, was thought to have found a vial of Christ’s blood in 1148. It spawned the festival of the Holy Blood in Burges which is still going today. Whilst we don’t think our Flanders red is holy, or Blood, it certainly looks the part!

1x Deep Creek Roeselare (Auckland) 750ml
This Flanders Red has distinct notes of black cherry and redcurrant with hints of mild vanilla. Full body, lightly tannic with a dry finish. Deep reddish brown from the blend of malts, this beer has additional layers of complexity from the barrels in which it's been aged.

1x Garage Project Engeltjes Pis (Wellington) 750ml
Inspired by the Flanders Red style, this special sour ale is brewed using a generous portion of dark malts, then aged for an extended period in a mixture of wine and whiskey barrels creating a rich red-brown beer with lifted notes of tart fruit, cherry, plum, vanilla and dark chocolate.

1x Craftwork Red Bonnet (Oamaru) 500ml
Red Bonnet has a beautiful rosy hue from a complex grain bill, and from aging in a Waitaki pinot noir barrel. The unique multiple yeast strains impart a lactic sourness, as hop bitterness is replaced by a mouth puckering tartness. It has an intense fruity aroma with vanilla tannins from the barrel aging. This beer has been aged for one year in oak, and has been blended with a younger batch, prior to bottling.