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Tower 20

Karl Strauss


Karl Strauss

The saying ‰ÛÏless is more‰۝ doesn‰۪t apply to West Coast IIPAs. Less is a glass half empty and Tower 20 is a full glass of unrivaled hop character ‰ÛÒ a IIPA where more is more. When brewing this hop bomb, Karl Strauss took the best of Tower 10 IPA and kicked up the intensity. An abundance of high-alpha Centennial hops give T20 its resinous pine-like bitterness, while Oregon-grown Crystals and Chinooks lend zesty grapefruit and tangerine hop flavors. Don‰۪t hoard this hop bomb, drink it fresh and they'll brew more.


ABV: 9.5%åÊ

Color: 9 SRM

Bitterness: 100 IBU


Style: Imperial IPA/Double IPA

Malt: Pale, Caramel 10

Hops: Centennial, Chinook, Crystal