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Six Suits-a-Hangin

Karl Strauss


Karl Strauss

Winter in San Diego means surfers break out their fullsuits. And while you may not find many stockings hung by the chimney with care, you‰۪re sure to see those wetsuits hung out to dry on plenty of balconies across the county. Six Suits A-Hangin‰۪ is the 6th installment in the ‰ÛÏTwelve Days‰۝ holiday series. This Imperial Belgian-style brown ale is brewed with caramel and brown malts for rich flavors of graham crackers, roasted nuts, and peppery Belgian spice. Aging on French oak adds a hint of vanilla. As for the finish? It‰۪ll warm you from your head to your frozen toes.

8.5% ABV