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International Colab 4 Pack


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Once upon a time when we could get on a plane to go overseas, we did some international collaborations when visiting our export customers. Those days seem long ago, but to keep the memory alive we have rebrewed these beers during lock down to remind us of being a jet setting craft brewery (whilst working at the kitchen table).

This four pack contains the following:
1x Portal Jump Hazy IPA - Brewed with Culmination (USA)
1x These Go To Eleven Hazy IPA - Brewed with Heart of Darkness (Vietnam)
1x Go Jonnie Go Hazy IPA - Brewed with DEYA (UK)
1x Hop Kong Hazy Session IPA - Brewed with Gweilo (Hong Kong)

The 12 Pack contains three of each can.

The 24 Pack contains six of each can.