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Hurst's Red IPA

Mash Palace


Mash Palace

For this beer you might expect us to throw around terms like ‰ۡÌÝÌánew world‰ۡó» and ‰ۡÌÝÌáhybrid style‰ۡó», but we‰ۡó»re gonna be a bit simpler than that. The reality is that times have changed since the ‰ۡÌÝ?there‰ۡó»s only one beer we drink round here‰ۡó? days, but we like to think that if there was only ONE beer that ol‰ۡó» Thirsty Hursty was gonna drink, it‰ۡó»d be this one.

A medium bodied, US hopped, hoppy red IPA with a caramelly malt backbone. An English-style yeast adds further complexity and flavour.

6.4% ABV