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Hop Buddies #8 Lenny And Carl Hazy IPA



Lenford “Lenny” Leonard and Carl Carlson are the best of buddies. Perhaps they are more than buddies, we may never know 100%. But that’s their business! In season 8 episode 12 Mountain of Madness Carl finds out he is paired with Lenny in their team building exercise he say “ah nuts, I mean… ah nuts”. In Season 6, Episode 13 Carl says “Why you play the bosses head like a bongo Homer!, Lenny says “he’s getting some pretty good sound out of that guy!”. Classic stuff! Anyhow this hazy IPA joins fan favourite Citra with its tropical citrus flavour with new kid Sabro, tropical with a hint of coconut. These hops can go away on a very ambiguous tropical holiday together and have a grand old time. As Marge would say, “Don’t you push them – they need to work that out for themselves.”

6.4% ABV