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Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate)

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An important mineral for its effect on mash and wort pH. It is largely used to harden water when brewing ales and bitters.

Calcium Sulphate causes permanent hardness because it doesn't get removed by boiling. It is believed that sulphate suppresses harshness and astringent flavours which therefore allows brewers to use large amounts of hops without extracting undesirable harshness from other components of the hop. Calcium Sulphate shouldn't be overused though, as it can create a harsh taste and impact on other aspects of the brew.

Use as required depending on water hardness.




(Brewers Gypsum)

Ground Gypsum Superfine White conforms to the specifications listed below when tested in accordance with the methods outlined in the Food Chemicals Codex.

Assay - Minimum of 98.0% Calcium Sulphate calculated on the dried basis.

Arsenic 2.0ppm max

Selenium 30.0ppm max

Heavy metals as lead 5.0ppm max

Fluoride 30.0ppm max

Cadmium 0.5ppm max

Mercury 0.1ppm max

Nitrates 15.0ppm max

The following technical data outlined represents typical figures only.

Colour - Colorimeter measurement

L 92.5

A 0.25

B 3.0

Screen analysis

BS Sieves % weight retained

+52 (+300 microns) 0.2% max

+100 (+150 microns) 1.0%

-100+200 (-150 +75 microns) 12%

-200 (-75 microns) 86%

Solubility in water at 20°C 2.1g/litre

Oil Absorption 33ml/100g

Hardness (MOH's scale) 2

Bulk density- loose 825 kg/m'

compacted 1200 kg/m'

Specific Gravity 2.32


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