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Pan Pacific

Garage Project




Brewed as an ode to ANZAC Day, and the ANZAC Biscuit, this beer contains all of the ingredients that make up the defining features of the biscuit we hold dear. Additions include golden syrup, coconut (that we toast our selves) biscuit malt, and golden naked oats, along side happy comrades, Kohatu (NZ) and Galaxy (AUS)...This creates a beer that gets released once a year, that has a sweet oatiness, balanced by Aussie and NZ hops, a toasted coconut nose and the nostalgia of home baking. Liquid Anzac bikky. Released at the Pacific Ale Festival in 2013 with the name 'ANZAC' on pin, however it turns out that ANZAC is a protected word and so they came up with Pan Pac as a replacement to avoid more controversy.


Ever had an ANZAC biscuit? Drink this beer and you will have. The nose rushes in with coconut, the palate expresses the golden syrup and ceases it all in a medium to full bodied golden oat driven amber ale.