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Bhang Thandai

Garage Project


With all these unique and totally different brews it's impossible to pick a hero, but there had to be one GABS brew. We've chosen Bhang Thandai. In India Bhang Thandai is a spiced milk drink, spiked with bhang, the traditional edible form of cannabis, often consumed at festivals. Inspired by this traditional drink we've created a rich milk stout brewed with lactose and spiced with almonds, watermelon seeds, green cardamom, saffron and black pepper. Shiva‰ۡó»s gift isn't treated with the same tolerance in our neck of the woods so the traditional bhang has been replaced with oil from organic hemp seed added to the mash. We can't promise transcendental bliss, but the oil gives a unique nutty character to the beer. Bhang Thandai will be dispensed on nitrogen for a beer which is as smooth as silk, with a rich spice and nut character that makes it a truly decadent brew.

Bhang Thandai contains hemp seed oil, and by purchasing it, you agree that it will be used for external use only. As a tasteful perfume, or perhaps to water your camel after your long journey across the Garage Project Silk Road.