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Past Masters 1914 Strong X



Past Masters 1914 Strong X has been brewed by Fuller‰۪s master brewers to a recipe that dates back to 4th August 1914, the day war was declared, which was found in Fuller‰۪s brew book. Every recipe of every beer ever brewed at the Griffin Brewery in Chiswick has been recorded in meticulous details in this bible of brewing. This brew, back in 1914, was just called X. X Ale was colloquially known as "Four Ale" in London because it cost 4d a pint. It was a mild ale, however, 2014 Past Masters has been made slightly stronger at 7.3% ABV. The same raw materials have been used: pale ale malt, Brewer‰۪s invert syrup No3 and dark syrup to give the sugars for fermentation. The hops include Goldings and Fuggles from England, although they may have been sourced from Belgium in the original brew in 1914.